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The Mail Eternal communications platform powered by the Eternal Corporation creates a digital legacy by sending emails that you write in advance, or build from our templates.  


Messages are delivered on the schedule you choose following your death.  This is designed to provide comfort and closure to your loved ones after you pass on.  


We have a state of the art AI driven verification system that determines if you die and begins sending your pre-written messages to your loved ones. 


You can select the number of recipients, the number of messages, and the schedule. We support single messages, daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly messages.


We provide our services direct to consumers at industry competitive rates.  Monthly service plans and one-time payment plans are available. We have a variety of packages that will allow you to send the number of messages that you desire to the number of recipients that you desire on the schedule that you desire.


You retain complete control while we provide a state-of-the-art AI driven system that will help you find the words if you cannot find them on your own and that will help ensure the delivery of your message even after you are gone.