Why Us?

Why Us?


We recently searched the internet for our competition. What we found was rather surprising. We found a total of 13 advertised websites offering services that sounded comparable to ours. But they were not our competition in any way.


Nine of those websites were offline and already out of business. Our company is backed by quickest response services and they have been around for more than 20 years and they plan to continue offering service for years to come. In fact all of our systems have been secured for the next 100 years so even if everybody from our company died tomorrow your account will continue to work as designed.


Out of the so-called competitors two of them had major technical problems or security issues with their websites. And the ones that were actually accessible offered cheap or free services that rely on sending you manual verification emails. Not a single competitor has anything close to our AI driven verification system nor our three stage verification procedure that make our product foolproof and unique.


We not only help you create a digital Legacy, we help you create a comprehensive Communications plan and ensure that it is not activated until you want it to be. We realize that you could find a cheap or free provider of something that is better than nothing. But, it is nothing compared to what we are offering. We are not providing a free or cheap service, but we are the only provider offering the comprehensive fully featured and technologically advanced system that we have developed.  We are not the cheapest, only the best.